Our primary specialisation is giving prospects actively searched by people for your products and services. We deliver it straight to their inbox, their frequent websites, their radio or television..

Online Lead Generation

  • Our marketing message delivers on a daily basis to a wide range of customers using our lifestyle-based websites from our affiliate network.
  • All delivered leads have to be checked and successfully passed through our real-time filtering system of proprietary before delivery.
  • Every day, our quality control experts confirm the random sampling for maintaining the quality of leads as well as confirming their intentions.
  • Your specific target market gets required leads - exclusive or not, but those working best for you.

Offline Lead Generation

  • Create nationwide and local market campaigns using radio, television, and direct mail.
  • Various modern and traditional approaches used to respond consumers via business reply postcards, websites, inbound calls, and personalized URLs.
  • In-house management includes creating, media buying and distribution.
  • Targeted data lists available and providing the most effective segmentation of prospects.


  • Call centers located in U.S.
  • Nearshore call centers.
  • All callers that transferred to customers are qualified using certain criterias.
  • Tracking reports available on daily basis.

New Media

Our own websites and affiliate network let us produce and deliver real-time leads by the moment of your request in the form you need, whether with posting into CRM, your system, or email.

Traditional Media

We expand your consumer target from the internet to traditional media using advertisement on radio and TV using our in-house commercial production and media buy resources.

About Us

Punkersoft is a premier provider for the consumer of direct marketing services. Over 2.5 million consumers have been connected to the service providers in many areas including health, debt, insurance, mortgage, credit, and many others. We deliver high-quality content for consumers on both services and products that they want. Our own optional list allows us to specialize in the large campaign by getting portfolios of websites.


We have years of experience in technology and marketing for delivering high-quality leads and customer service.

Email Marketing

  • Our portfolio of consumer web sites include insurance, travel, finance, education, and others.
  • Our web sites are intended to deliver pertinent information to consumers looking for particular products and services.
  • Consumers have an option to subscribe to newsletter emails that contain important information, special offers or services.
  • Every consumer has an option to unsubscribe from the newsletter when he feel no need to keep receiving it.

Customer Service

We build long-term business relationship with clients by working with them directly in terms of the buisness planning and increasing our marketing services. Our service starts from creating an initial campaign to advocate the marketing. We use our time wisely and efficiently to understand your target market and deliver the service you need by the time you require.

Contact Us

Punkersoft Inc.

950 Ridge Rd, unit B-11

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